Thar She Blows

Yeasty foam spattered
All around the fermenter
Damn the clogged airlock!

Written by Captain Hops.

References: The fermentation of my Irish Red got overly rambunctious, clogged up the airlock, and blew the lid off my fermentation bucket. It was not a pretty sight. Or smell.

Thing of the day: Better Bottle Fermenter, 5-Gallon PET Container


No Foam

Pull on the beer tap,
Watch the wonderful beer pour.
No foam on the floor.

Written by Mary and Glyn.

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Contribution Friday

Here are some contributions from fans that have followed our simple tips (1 & 2) to write good beer haiku. Isn’t it amazining how different people can get such different results with 3 simple lines?! Give it a shot and submit your own beer haiku. If it’s accepted it could be published right here!

Beer foam on your face
makes you look like Santa Claus
You’re too drunk to know

Written by Dana from Southern Girl Goes North.

I can sense your gaze
from across the crowded bar
say hello with beer

Written by ThisBearBites.

drinking alone now
gonna be sh*tfaced again
I love your mom’s jugs

Written by The List Administrator.

Editor’s note: Don’t worry, I am sure the our third contributor is talking about your mom’s jugs of beer. 😉
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The sad hiss of foam
Once plentiful fountain sighs
The keg runneth dry

Written by Captain Hops.