That’s What She Said

I would much rather
Sit on the back deck with beer
Than help my friend move

Adapted from a tweet by Ann.

References: Overheard on Twitter
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Social Drinker

u like 2 Twitter?
I’ll follow u anywhere
when u tweet ’bout beer

Written by ibeyou.

References: Thank you ibeyou for noticing that Beer Haiku Daily has made some attempts at doing the social network thing. You can find us on Twitter and Facebook. If you’ve got any advice on how to make those tools more useful to beer haiku aficionados everywhere, please let me know.
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Flying Dog Haiku Contest

Why do beer lovers
Gravitate to short poems?
There’s more time for beer.

Written by Captain Hops.

References: Flying Dog Brewery is having a Flying Dog haiku contest. Your job is to come up with a Flying Dog Haiku (whatever you think that is) and submit it to them using Twitter. Check out the complete instructions here. The prizes are no joke… $50 gift certificates to the Flying Dog Online Store will go to the writers behind the top five haiku.

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