Defying Gravity

Hanging at The Falls
Defying gravity with
Stone Levitation

Written by Captain Hops.

References: A new neighborhood cafe called The Falls opened up in Mount Washington a couple weeks ago. When I went there last night, there weren’t many people there, but that should change soon. They advertised a nice wine selection but I found they didn’t neglect the beer. On tap they had Stone Brewing’s Levitation Ale as well as several other fine quality brews. They haven’t started filling out their bottled beer inventory yet, but they promised that Belgians would be well represented when they did. By the way, there are no televisions in the place which makes it perfect for having good conversations with friends. Cheers!

Thing of the day:
Levitation: Physics And Psychology In The Service Of Deception



Stone’s Ruination
IPA could ruin you for
other IPAs.

Written by Dave Undis.

References: Stone’s Ruination
Thing of the Day: Inflatable Skeleton Party Drink Cooler