Scenes from a Bar 5

A youthful gaggle
Drinks like they learned in movies
Rather than at home

Written by Captain Hops.

References: I still think these guys have got it right.
Thing of the Day: The Imbible: Drinking Games for Times You’ll Never Remember with Friends You’ll Never Forget


It’s the right thing to do

Out in the open
young adults appreciate
and learn to respect

Written by Captain Hops.

References: It’s pretty obvious as demonstrated by every other civilized country in the world that people have a greater respect and appreciation for alcohol and are less likely to abuse it when they learn to enjoy it in a safe, responsible, and nurturing environment with their families. There is a movement afoot to begin debate on returning personal responsibility and sensible drinking laws to the national landscape. Organizations have formed to shed some refreshing light on the misleading, misused, and outright wrong statistics bandied about to support the neoprohibitionist movement. Educate yourself and choose responsibility.
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