Just after last call
The only thing that’s certain
Is that she is gone

Written by Captain Hops.

Thing of the day: The Go Plate


Contribution Friday!

The buzzing bar fly
licks the last drop of warm beer
from narrow red necks

Written by Janet Paszkowski.

Sudless, thin, and flat
My can is warm from usage
I’m fridge bound again

Written by Penston.

In addition, there have been a lot of contributions in the comments section. I thought I’d take this opportunity to promote some of them up as posts. Enjoy!

Frothy head looks white
In the midday sun today
Liquid remains dark

Written by Weenie.

I love this here blog
A little redneck, but not
We all sure love beer

Written by Dentotsko.

Canadian suds
of our high alcohol beer
does not taste so hot

Written by Veggiebabe.

Such sad words “Last Call”
Thankfully, I’m certain there’s
Some beer in the fridge

Written by Earl.