Floating on river
Wonderful way to spend a day
Cooler full of beer

Written by Glyn and Mary.

Thing of the Day: SportsStuff 120-qt. Floating Cooler – Green



To get through the day
I begin to fixate on
The beers in my fridge

Written by Captain Hops.

Thing of the Day: The Beer Book


The Session: My Favorite Beer

My favorite beer
Depends on the day, place, and
Cash in my pocket

The best part of beer
Is trying the untried and
Seeking something new

Living in the now
And savoring what’s at hand
Really can’t be beat

Written by Captain Hops.

References: This post is part of The Session. The Session is a monthly beer-themed group writing project for bloggers. This month’s theme is Favorite Beer and it is hosted by A World of Brews.

What is my favorite beer? Frankly, it’s the one I’m drinking. Of course there are some beers that I like more than others. But I wouldn’t say that my “go to” beer is necessarily my favorite. I wouldn’t even say that there is a “go to” beer. If you did a fridge analysis over the course of the past year, you’d be hard pressed to come up with a lead occupant. If you compared an analysis of this year versus last year, you’d also see big changes.

I love to drink local beers. When I lived in Portland, Oregon, I frequently drank Bridgeport, Deschutes, and Rogue at home. When I went out, I’d go to Lucky Lab, McMenamins, Laurelhurst, or any of the many brewpubs.

Now that I live in Baltimore, Maryland, I frequently drink Clipper City, Wild Goose, Flying Dog, Troeg, Victory, Dogfish Head, and Brewer’s Alley. I don’t get out as much anymore because I am old and Baltimore just isn’t as family friendly as Portland, but the Brewer’s Art offers a fantastic beer and food experience.

When times are good, I will reach higher up the shelf to try something new and exotic. When times are tougher, I work hard to find quality and value for my hard earned beer buying buck.

I’m breaking the rules of this Session, but I will not name a favorite beer. The reason I like beer is because it is impossible to keep a favorite for longer than 15 minutes.

I am dying to see how others respond to this question.

Thing of the Day: Ultimate Beer


Good Morning

innocent new day
quiet street – a great beer belch
startles some pigeons

Written by Captain Hops

Thing of the Day: 3 Pc Galvanized 6 Bottle Beer Bucket Pail Bar 5 qt


A New Day

Glad it’s a new day!
‘Cause I don’t quite remember
Much from yesterday

Written by Captain Hops.

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