Oak Aged

Oak aged barley wine
Doesn’t seem to help me win
Extreme bocce ball

Written by Captain Hops.

References: I tried the Bourbon Barrel and Cabernet Barrel aged Barley Wines from Heavy Seas side by side today. Wow. Good work Hugh! I preferred the Cabernet Barrel Aged. It went great with blue cheese stuffed peppers and a grilled tuna steak. The Bourbon Barrel aged version was quite good too, but it seemed more appropriate for desert than with the meal. Keep in mind that these babies are 10% ABV. That fact didn’t do much for my bocce ball game and my brother pretty much kicked my ass all over my back yard.

Thing of the day: Halex Premier Bocce Set (107mm Resin Balls)


Guilty Pleasure

Dark guilty pleasure
Enjoyed slowly at midnight
Barrel aged porter

Written by Captain Hops.

References: I stumbled upon a single 22 oz bottle of Williamsburg Alewerks Brewmaster’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Imperial Porter at Beltway Fine Wine. Wow! What a treat. Coffee, dark chocolate, vanilla, thick, silky, rich. It was a fantastic dessert beer. I hope to see it again sometime soon.

Thing of the day: The Colonial Williamsburg Tavern Cookbook


Getting the menu ready…

Bourbon brined turkey
with beer broth sausage stuffing
No tofurkey here!

Written by Captain Hops.

References: Haiku about Tofurkey
Gift Idea of the Day: Jay Harlow’s Beer Cuisine: A Cookbook for Beer Lovers


Beer on the Beach…

When you’re on the beach
Do you reach for a bourbon
Or a Corona?

Contributed by Captain Hops.