The Session: Mild

Searching high and low
for that elusive mild
step back from the edge

Written by Captain Hops.

First Friday in May
At the bar I sit with friends
I am drinking mild

Mysterious mild
Misunderstood as you are
Man, you sure taste good

Written by Jay Brooks.

the Session Milds

References: This post is for the First Friday Beer Blogging Day a.k.a “The Session”. I was unable to find any milds for this assignment. I searched all the reliable beer sources in the area and came up with zilch. Apparently, marketers feel they simply can’t market “mild” to the “extreme” American customer. Although, I am still looking for that elusive mild, I have been drinking in the spirit of the mild ale. I’ve been stepping back from the high hop, high alcohol brews that are so popular today and relaxing with more laid back, but still quite tasty brews.

Keep an eye on Jay’s post for the full compilation of this month’s session posts.

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Thing of the Day: Mild Ale: History, Brewing, Techniques, Recipes


The Session: Dubbel


behind holy walls
trappists toil on God’s Proof
with sounds of silence


Meditative malts
give rise to sweet rich virtue
drenched in history

dubbels - Affligem and Koningshoeven

Haiku and photo by Captain Hops.

the Session Dubbels

References: This post is for the second Beer Blogging Session. On the first Friday of each month, bloggers throughout the world write or podcast on a single beer related topic. This month the theme is Dubbels.

I’ve been a hop head for so long that coming back to the sweet malty goodness of Dubbels was like a vacation. A real treat. If the Session has done one thing for me it’s that it has gotten me out of a familiar rut. The adventure of picking up something new at the beer store instead of a “sure thing” has been a real blast.

The Session is open to anyone that has a blog. There’s still time to get your post in for April, but if you can’t pull it off stay tuned and get ready for May. The host and the theme changes every month. Cheers!

Session Roundup: Alan has the definitive collection of Dubbel links for this month’s Session. He is updating them throughout the day.

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There’s only one choice for the Thing of the Day: Brew Like a Monk: Trappist, Abbey, and Strong Belgian Ales and How to Brew Them – authored by Stan Hieronymus, the guy that instigated the Session.


The First Friday Session: Stout

Young's Oatmeal Stout

Young’s Oatmeal Stout

a head tall and firm
like whole wheat pancake batter
atop darkest stout

Oak Aged Yeti Stout

Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout

the old Yeti howls
as he breaks from his oak cage
and threatens to bite

Written by Captain Hops.

More previously published stout haiku…

Roundup: The definitive list of all Session posts.

the Session Stouts

References: This is the debut of the First Friday Beer Blogging Sessions. On the first Friday of each month, there will be an internet-wide beer tasting and beer blogging day. The theme of this first session is Stout. The rules are simply that you must write something about a stout other than the big Irish three – Guinness, Murphy’s or Beamish. Anyone with a blog can participate. The host and the theme will change every month. The two stouts featured in today’s haiku are made by Young’s – the Ram Brewery and the Great Divide Brewing Company. Cheers!

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Thing of the Day: Irish Stout Organic Beer Ingredient Kit