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Tip #2 for writing beer haiku

Second in an occasional series. Don’t forget to review Tip #1 for writing beer haiku.

In our first tip we made some suggestions about choosing the topic or theme of your beer haiku. Here are a few different suggestions about style. (It is unlikely you will be able to use more than one per poem.)

  • Be direct and to the point.
  • Be cryptic or use riddles.
  • Use puns or double entendre.
  • Compare and contrast two beers or a beer and something else.
  • Use humor. Remember beer and haiku are fun!
  • Be artistic and use lofty words.
  • Be blunt and use honest words.
  • Personify the beer.
  • Use various points of view. Your’s, your neighbor’s, your bar stool’s, the cop that just pulled you out of the gutter, the gutter…

With Haiku, less is more. Your brief words should serve as a springboard of imagination. The reader may spend seconds reading the 3 lines, but then spend much more time visualizing the scene, figuring out the riddle, guessing what happens next, and then going in a completely different direction with the same material.

Have fun!


Tip #1 for writing beer haiku

Pick a theme. Here are some examples:

  • Favorite brand or style
  • Favorite place to drink
  • Celebration of beer in general
  • When do you drink it?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • What else is going on when you drink beer? Ballgame, bowling, cards, dancing etc…
  • The way it looks? Tastes? Smells?
  • Why do you drink it in general?
  • Why are you drinking it today?
  • What do you do before, during, after drinking beer?
  • Did someone do you wrong? Or do you right?
  • Combination of several of the above

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