Hideout Chicago

eight dollar cover
Live music and three buck beer
Pabst Blue Ribbon cans

Written by scubarex.

References: Hideout
Thing of the Day: Beer: A History of Brewing in Chicago


She Said Yes

The moon peeking in
He opened a nice Belgian
And then he proposed

Written by Captain Hops.

References: Dedicated to a buddy that went and got himself engaged this weekend.
Thing of the Day: Will You Marry Me?: Popping the Question With Romance and Style


Remember when beer was fun?

Wild and carefree.
Remember when beer was fun?
Wasn’t last night great!

Written by Captain Hops.

References: I’ve enjoyed all the recent discussions about the passion and ethics of being a beer writer/blogger. Of course I’m not getting caught up in it. It’s not the end of blogging, the end of writing, or the end of enjoying beer. At the end of the day, beer is fun. It was fun last year, last week, and last night. I am pretty sure it will still be fun next week too. Keep up the discussions – they’re important – but don’t get too bent out of shape. After all, it is only beer. And we love it.
Thing of the Day: Fun Is Good: How to Create Joy and Passion in Your Workplace and Career


Right Back At You

Isn’t that the guy
That sat alone at the bar
Every day this week

Written by Captain Hops.

Thing of the Day: Great Bar Food at Home


Rate the Haiku!

I’ve added a new feature to Beer Haiku Daily.

At the bottom of each post is a “Rate this Haiku” doodad. You rate each haiku on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the best) by simply clicking on the stars. The plugin automagically calculates and displays the average rating.

Why am I doing this? Well I’m kind of a geek and I like to play with new things. In addition, I am curious to see which haiku have the most appeal. Maybe I will put the best one on a t-shirt or something. Finally, I think it might be fun.

Anyway, I hope you will join the fun. Remember, vote early and vote often.



B1-66er wins the Beer Haiku Contest

In a highly scientific random drawing, I added the names of all the poets that contributed beer haiku since June 1, 2006 to a hat and allowed my two-year-old son to pull one out.

The winner is B1-66er the author and low-res photographer over at b1-66er’s archipelago. He also happens to be one of the masterminds behind Choka On It and the reigning English haiku slugfest champion of the world. (That was a blast!)

Congratulations B1-66er! You have won a free beer from the Captain or a mutually agreed upon substitute. I will be contacting you by email to make arrangements.

My deepest thanks and admiration to everyone that contributed Haiku to the contest. If I haven’t published yours already, I will be doing so over the next week or two. Thank you so much for making this contest successful.

PS: Did people like this contest? Do you want to see more contests? I came up with the idea at the last minute but I could have more contests and drawings if you are interested. Perhaps the next one could be a popularity contest and I could set up some kind of polling so that you, the readers, can vote. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.