Neon Promises

Neon signs beckon
With promises of cold beer.
How can I refuse?

Written by Captain Hops.

Thing of the day: Flashing Cold Beer Neon Sign (Blue Oval)

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  1. as always… what a great body of work you have.

    Maybe I can inspire you with this

    … sorry I haven’t been around for awhile, I moved to the US Virgin Islands (I still giggle when I say that) for six months, and it is taking awhile to get settled. But i do think I am caught up, and will be back with new postings…

    Come take a look at my new blogs of Island life!

  2. Brilliant!

    My first job out of college was doing sound and lights for the shows on a cruise ship. Every Sunday, I woke up docked at St. Thomas.

    I hope you enjoy yourself.


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