Beer with a Punch

Moretti in hand
I take a few punches, but
Somehow save the beer

Written by Captain Hops.

References: This post is part of The Session. The Session is a monthly beer-themed group writing project for bloggers. This month’s theme is Eastern Beers and it is hosted by Girl Likes Beer.

Our instructions this month are to discuss a beer from a country to the east of ours. Alan at A Good Beer Blog added the concept of going due east and rolling the dice to figure out which country to stop in. I rolled a three and ended up in Italy.

Unfortunately, I have been under the weather this week and did not get the chance to do the research I had hoped to do. My last Italian beer was when I was in college.

This story is a little hazy now, but I was carrying Birra Moretti to a friend of mine, when I noticed he was getting the crap beat out of him. My friend was a little guy and although I didn’t know why the fight was taking place, I stepped up to the mountain of a man doing the beating and said, “Hey you can’t hit him.” The mountain stopped, turned to me, and said “Okay” and started punching me instead. I happen to be a pacifist, and my hands were full (with the Moretti), and I guess I was a little buzzed, so I just started taking the punches. Apparently, it bored him that I wouldn’t fight back, so he stopped and walked away.

I still don’t know what that fight was about. I don’t remember much about the beer either.

Sorry, this is such a poor Session post. It does explain why I haven’t had an Italian beer in a while.

Thing of the day: Fight Club [Blu-ray]


  1. Mmmmm, Moretti. I love the stuff. Had to comment as I am drinking a 6-pack now.

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