Watching the Odometer Flip

One hundred thousand
Have tasted beery wisdom
Since counting began

Written by Captain Hops.

References: Last night I noticed the stat counter for Beer Haiku Daily broke 100,000 visits. I didn’t add the counter until many months after the site started so the actual number is higher. But there is something satisfying about watching the odometer cross a milestone like that.

Thanks to everyone that made this possible and especially to all of those that have contributed haiku over the years. Next month will be the fourth anniversary of Beer Haiku Daily. Anyone have any ideas on how to celebrate?

Thing of the Day: Red, White, and Brew: An American Beer Odyssey

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  1. Congratulations.
    Beer Haiku Daily is a
    fabulous web site.

  2. A contest would be
    great to celebrate your fourth

  3. I felt the same way when we reached 100 haiku on our haiku blog. It felt like a huge milestone!

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