The Session: Beer Cocktails

Cocktails – So classy.
He drops a full whiskey shot
In his beer. And chugs.

Written by Captain Hops.

the Session Beer Cocktails

References: This post is part of The Session. The Session is a monthly beer-themed group writing project for bloggers. This month’s theme is Beer Cocktails and it is hosted by Beer at Joe’s.

I don’t generally put stuff in my beer. Not fruit, not liquor, not nothing. I do, however, vaguely recall an occasion in college where we made boilermakers. These boilermakers consisted of a large glass of crappy beer and a shot glass full of cheap whiskey. Now we didn’t pour the whiskey into the beer as specified in Wikipedia. We actually dropped the whole shot glass, whiskey and glass, into the beer and chugged. I never thought of that as a cocktail before, but I guess it qualifies.

Anyway, blurry memories are as close as I want to get to beer cocktails and even the call of The Session isn’t enough to make me want to revisit the topic. Perhaps after reading other responses I will change my mind. Perhaps not.

Thing of the Day: Ultimate Beer


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  1. We used to do the shot glass thing with special care paid to slow pouring the beer so the rye stayed in the shot glass. But when we did that we called the drink a “depth charge” as opposed to the boilermaker.

    Maybe I will make a depth charge for my session post tonight. I’ll gather the kids around to make sure they learn this secret Nova Scotian recipe.

  2. Wow Alan, I can almost see your clan gathering around to cheer you on!

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