Pints for Prostates

Discussing men’s health
Over a few pints of beer
Could save someone’s life

Written by Captain Hops

References: Rick Lyke over at Lyke 2 Drink came up with the idea of a national awareness campaign sponsored by the beer industry called Pints for Prostates after his own first hand experience with prostate cancer. The campaign will be launched in September which is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

The basic premise of the campaign is to convince men aged 40 and older to get a PSA test. This simple blood test can give early warning of prostate cancer before there are symptoms and when it is most successfully treatable.

If you have a blog, website, or access to the media, consider joining the campaign in September. If you are a man age 40 or over or know such a man, make sure the message sinks in: Get a PSA test. You don’t have to wait until September for that.

Thing of the Day: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Men’s Health

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  1. scott wagner says:

    What’s the deal? A year ago I read that it was smart to drink a
    daily beer for health, today I read that a daily beer can be
    deadly for your prostate. Again I ask, what’s the deal?

  2. Hi Scott,
    I am not sure what study you read last year and I don’t know what you read today.

    I write poems. I’m not a doctor or a scientist.

    However, throughout my life there has been study after contradictory study about this or that miracle cure or perfect health enhancer or weight-loss discovery or other such nonsense. One year something will be the ultimate cure-all the next it will be cursed as the root of all evil. Moderate drinking has been shown to have some benefits in some areas in some studies and it also has been shown to be harmful in some areas in some studies. And yet, people have been drinking beer for 10,000 years. The production of beer has a remarkable correlation with the dawn of civilization.

    Studies are just studies. Some are well thought out and well conducted. Some are conducted poorly and/or the findings are inconclusive, misunderstood, or misrepresented to fit the agenda of a given group. Some studies can be reproduced, some can’t. Some studies and findings are peer reviewed some are simply propagated in the press without any supporting evidence. No single study should cause anyone to take extreme measures or make extreme changes. It’s a preponderance of studies and fuller understanding of how things work that should drive change.

    Just remember that no single food, or drink, or substance, or activity by itself will ever guarantee you a long healthy life. There is no miracle ingredient. No single study will reveal all the answers or perfect understanding.

    Living your life based on balance, variety, and moderation is usually the best path for your health. It also just so happens that living your life based on balance, variety, and moderation also makes for the most interesting and fulfilled life. And frankly, I’ll drink to that.

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