I Now Summon the Great Power of the Internet

I beseech the mob
To lead me the way to a
Good Indy beer joint

Written by Captain Hops.

References: I have to plan a bachelor party in Indianapolis next month. I thought I would kick things off with some good beer and food before it gets crazy. Can anyone recommend a place to start. I’ve never stopped in Indianapolis before. I’ve checked the Beer Mapping project for Indianapolis but could use some additional guidance. Thanks.
Thing of the Day: Funnily enough, I met the groom in 1984, the year this gem came out: Bachelor Party (1984)

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  1. http://www.brewersofindianaguild.com/breweries.html

    My BrewPub recommendations (the locations within each set are walkable):

    Broadripple (15 min north of downtown):
    – Broadripple BrewPub (english ales & environment)
    – Burgge Brasserie (great food, good belgina beer)

    – Ram
    – Rock Bottom
    – Alcatraz?

    For beer bars downtown don’t miss:

  2. Great resources. Thanks Tom!

  3. HarkJohnny says

    I second the broadripple district for beer bars and food. Broadripple Brewpub hand pulls a mean pint! And Brugge has great fries and house brewed belgian beer.

    take in a game at the Indians stadium beforehand or maybe tour the speedway museum

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