The Session: Brew Zoo

Hunting wild beer
The chase is so rewarding
The catch is nice, too!

Wild Goose
Wild Goose Brewery, Frederick, Maryland

Written by Captain Hops.

the Session Brew Zoo

References: It’s once again time for The Session. The Session is a themed beer blogging day held the first Friday of every month. This month’s session is sponsored by Rick Lyke of Lyke 2 Drink. He chose the theme Brew Zoo – a Safari of animal themed beers and breweries. The goal is to pick a beer or brewery with an animal in its name or on its label and introduce the world to it.

I chose to spotlight Wild Goose Brewery because it is local, tasty and consistent. Wild Goose began brewing in Cambridge Maryland in 1989. They brewed beer in the English tradition and produced a good quality product.

In 1997, they merged with Frederick Brewing Company and consolidated operations in Frederick, Maryland. I was always partial to Wild Goose over Frederick Brewing’s Blueridge brand of beer so I was a little worried about this merger. My concerns of a decrease in quality were unfounded however, because of course now 10 years later we still have the high quality traditional Wild Goose ales to comfort us.

Last year, Flying Dog bought the Frederick Brewing company and renamed it Wild Goose Brewery LLC. It still brews quality Wild Goose and is now the East Coast production site of the more extreme and very tasty Flying Dog litter of ales. The brewery is also a contract brewer of many other brands of beers.

They offer public tours every Saturday at 1:30 PM.

By the way, I will be hosting next month’s Session so keep an eye on this site for the announcement of the theme.

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