Wet or Dry? Why?

Why do people think
that their choices should be forced
on everyone?

Written by Captain Hops.

References: Athens Alabama citizens to vote on whether selling alcohol should be legal. In 2004, the citizens of Athens began the revolutionary experiment of legalizing the sale of alcohol. By all accounts, it has been a rousing success spurring business and revitalizing the downtown area. Mind you it’s not just the sellers of alcohol that are making money – all shops are benefiting because of the traffic generated by the new upscale restaurants that have opened since the experiment began. Now the citizens of that town have the opportunity to vote whether to make the experiment permanent or go back to being “dry”. Even though none of the threatened problems of selling alcohol materialized, one vocal group is still trying desperately to force their beliefs on the rest of their neighbors and bring back prohibition. I’ve got an idea: If you don’t like alcohol… Don’t drink it.

For more information about the lovely city of Athens, check out their website.

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