Beer Haiku Daily Turns 2

with a beer in hand
quietly celebrating
a cool milestone

Written by Captain Hops.

References: On Saturday, we quietly passed the 2nd birthday of Beer Haiku Daily! That’s two full years of writing or inspiring the world’s greatest beer haiku every single day. Thank you for your support and submissions!

It’s taken time, but the word seems to be getting out. Visits and page views have increased every month for the past 11 months. In May we had over 2000 visits and over 3000 page views. We also have well over 100 feed subscribers.

I am looking forward to continuing the streak of Beer Haiku for many years to come and hope you are too. As always, submissions are welcome. And I can use a few because, I am planning a trip to that beer basis, Portland, Oregon in a couple weeks and want to make sure I am covered.

Thanks again for another great year. Cheers!

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Thing of the Day: Libbey Munich 7 piece Beer Set

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