Welcome to Hampden, Hon!

Beer, food and music
with beehives and leopard prints
Only in Bawlmer.

Written by Captain Hops.

Photo P1020428 Originally uploaded by iso_bg

References: Honfest – Good times in Baltimore. If you’ve ever wanted to experience Baltimore’s old neighborhood appeal with a good deal of zaniness thrown in, this is the festival for you.
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  1. Gosh!
    And I thought I was old fashioned!
    Sory, ut I would need a very strong porter to just look at these “beautiful” ladies!

  2. Do not knock our Hons!
    They are the heart and the soul
    of our neighborhoods.

    The best thing about Honfest is that it is really difficult to tell who is dressing up for the event and who dresses that way everyday.

    Oh… and don’t worry there will be more than enough beer to get you through.

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