The Session: Local Brew

Clay Pipe Brewing: Backfin Pale Ale

balanced and easy
all you need for a session
meant to be enjoyed

Clipper City: Red Sky at Night Saison Ale

strong, brisk and pleasant
this Red Sky is certainly
a sailors delight

The Brewer’s Art: Resurrection Ale

divine masterpiece
the glass and plate canvas gives
rise to perfection

clay pipe backfin pale ale

Written by Captain Hops.

the Session Local Beer

References: It’s Beer Blogging Day, a.k.a. The Session. This month’s session is hosted by The Gastronomic Fight Club and the theme is Local Beer. All are welcome to participate. Simply publish a post on your blog about a beer brewed within 150 miles of your home and email Snekse.

I live in Baltimore and would like to highlight several of the nice local brews and brewpubs. First there is some more information about the beers highlighted above, and then some past haiku about other notable locals:

  1. Clay Pipe Brewing Company: They are relatively obscure, but their owner is very friendly and has a helluva memory. Their beers are very drinkable and can be found at bars, restaurants and liquor stores in central Maryland. I’ve previously written about their Pursuit of Happiness IPA.
  2. Clipper City Brewing Company: Home of the Heavy Seas brand of extreme beers. Anyone who has read Beer Haiku Daily for a while should be familiar with Clipper City. I have written about them before.
  3. The Brewers Art: This place is fantastic. If you are a beer lover in Baltimore, you should go here. Here is a previous haiku about Resurrection Ale.
  4. The Wharf Rat: Home of Oliver Ales and another must visit brewpub in Baltimore. They have locations in the Inner Harbor and Fells Point. I’ve written haiku about them before too.
  5. DuClaw Brewing Company: They have several locations but I have only been to the one in Fells Point. Every time I have been there, the beer was spectacular but the food was mediocre. If they could get a handle on the kitchen this would be at the top of my list. Disclaimer: it has been a while since I’ve eaten there, so it is quite possible they have gotten their act together on the food. Here are some previous haiku about DuClaw.

Check out the full round up of this Session.

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Thing of the Day: Baltimore Noir

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  1. Great round up of Maryland brews. Makes me want to make a visit to Baltimore and the entire state.

    Check out my “Session” at http:/lyke2drink.blogspot.com.



  2. The Session #4: Local Brews Round-Up is now posted!

    Local Brews: A Field Guide

  3. I hoped you liked my haiku 🙂

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