A Conspiracy?!

In a brazen move
While Cap was at the bar
B1 outs himself

Haiku suppression
What is the Captain hiding?
Besides the last beer.

A sinister plot?
Could it be prohibition?
Let my haiku go!

We’re gonna need help
We also need more women
According to B.

Nancy Drew and the
Case of the Missing Haiku.
Hey babe, wanna beer?

A difficult case
But we’ll get to the bottom
One can at a time.

What really happened?
Grab a beer. Leave a comment.
The truth is out there.

Contributed by Captain Hops.

References: For the first anniversary of Beer Haiku Daily we had a haiku contest. B1-66er won. He had the choice of a beer, a Beer Haiku Daily T-shirt, or a $10 contribution to his favorite charity. He selflessly chose the donation to his his favorite charity. “Neat”, I thought. Why don’t I double the donation to $20. (I know, I know, that could have paid for a whole case of beer. I guess I am just a big softy.)

So, how am I repaid for this act of kindness? Am I thanked? Am I patted on the back? No! Slander! Libel! Accusations! Charges of Conspiracy! Or is it just B1 (PT Barnum) 66er looking for more publicity.

I am afraid you will have to decide. Read his post, read my post and then answer the question… What happened to B1’s winning haiku? Is there a sinister plot? Is Captain Hops lazy? Is B1-66er grumpy, hung over, or paranoid?

Naturally, I expect the answers in 5-7-5 haiku form. You can leave your ideas in the comments section.

Could there be another contest in this somewhere? We’ll see. Bwaa-ha-ha-ha! (that’s evil laughing, in case you were wondering.)

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  1. Whoa, Rear Admiral!
    the Captain–he still has that
    wooden plank, you know!

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