Beer Haiku Daily Artwork and Stuff

Hello loyal readers!

I have decided to offer t-shirts, sweat shirts, beer steins, mugs, and other fun items to promote Beer Haiku Daily. I created the artwork below and I would love to hear what you think about it.

The image below appears on most items. On the back of many items is the phrase, “Celebrate one of life’s simple pleasures.”

You can check out all the available items at the Beer Haiku Daily Store.

Beer Haiku Daily Artwork

If you have any feedback about the design, the product choices, or CafePress in general, let me know by leaving a comment or by using the form on the Contribute page.



  1. I love the design and will get a t-shirt. I may end up playing copycat with hunting haiku. thanks! (sorry I missed the deadline for your one year anniversary–congratulations!)

  2. Thanks for the compliments.

    If you are looking to add merchandise to your site or just want to create some cool stuff for yourself, I recommend CafePress. They are straight forward, easy to use, and there are no upfront out of pocket costs. The quality is nice, too.

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