Get Ready to Celebrate!

In just sixteen days
we’ll celebrate one year of
Beer Haiku Daily

Contributed by Captain Hops.

References: On June 16, 2005, an idea was born. What if I created a website and published a new haiku about beer every single day? How long could I go? Would anyone notice? Would anyone care? Thanks to the speed of the internet and the power of Blogger, I was able to put that idea into action on the very same day (before I had the chance to change my mind). Beer Haiku Daily was the result.

Since that fateful day, I have kept the promise of the merciless title and published a new haiku, with a direct or indirect connection to beer, each and every day. Fortunately, I had a lot of help from my creative and loyal readers.

In celebration of the first birthday of this site, I thought I would have a contest. Write a haiku about beer between now and June 14, you can post it on your blog or web page with a link back to www.beerhaikudaily.com or submit it using our contribution form. For each haiku, the author will be entered into a drawing set for June 16th and the winner will get a free beer, paid for by Captain Hops and delivered by www.yougotbeer.com.

Start writing those beer haiku and stay tuned for more fun and excitement to celebrate this birthday!


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  1. I noticed, and think your blog is very cool:)

  2. skar Jones says

    What then? Drink a beer?
    What then, drink another?
    Wait, you may be on to something here.
    I’ll drink to beer,
    and the haiku they inspire!

    Here’s to Beer Haiku Daily!!
    (When’s The Book comming out?)

  3. Book? Now there’s a thought.
    Anyone else want a Beer Haiku book?

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