Greene King

“a pint of Greene King”
asks my father, at the bar
all those years ago

Contributed by Cathy.

greene king is an english brewing company but also the name of a beer brewed and sold throughout the UK, but particularly in the east of the country, where my dad grew up.

we lived in the west of the UK, so a few times a year we used to go and visit my grandma, my dad’s mum, who lived in the town my dad grew up in until she died. the town was called Ely. she had a little house next to the cathedral, and her tiny back yard backed onto a pub garden, where in the summer evenings you could hear people talking and laughing in the garden. we used to go to the pub at lunchtime or in the evening sometimes, and my dad, who couldn’t always find Greene King where we lived, would always order ‘a pint of greene king” at the bar. he was always happy to drink it.

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