Have Fun Bowling

that last little pin
its stubbornness has cost me
that was a beer frame

Contributed by Captain Hops.

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  1. Yep been there and it irks me to have to pay for everybodies drinks lol

  2. Just browsing around,
    This is my new favorite site,
    Let me grab a beer.

    You guys are awesome! Pass the Guiness.

  3. Hah! I know how it feels! How could you down 9 and miss out just 1?!?!?

    I miss bowling though! 😀


  4. This site is unsucky
    one might even call it cool
    who was I kidding?

    I prefer ganja
    beer is good but it is slow
    marijuana’s rad!

    Would you think it bad,
    call it solicitation
    if I link my site

    it’s way too late man
    I already posted the link
    please don’t be angry

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