On a billboard over Tokyo…

Toast the rising sun
perched high over city streets
with sake and beer

Written by Captain Hops.

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  1. amen!

  2. Interesting blog. I tried to email you but for some reason, it all went wrong.

    Here’s my effort anyways:

    Frothy head looks white
    In the midday sun today
    Liquid remains dark

    Won’t win any medals but it’s my first one!

  3. People who love beer should be writing limericks in the grand tradition of the Irish pub, not mindless, constraining haikus.

  4. Aubrey was a visitor who
    said you really shouln’t write beer haiku
    I don’t really agree
    I like haiku, you see
    There are many great ways to enjoy brew

    I am a big fan of loving beer, writing limericks, and enjoying the grand tradition of the Irish pub. I just don’t see why that should prevent me from writing beer haiku.

    Neither haiku nor limericks are mindless and both are equally constraining. Of course, constraints are what make art good and interesting. That’s part of the appeal of haiku and limericks. Let me know when you set up the “Beer Limerick Daily” website, I will be the first visitor.

  5. i once drank beer by the bucket
    but so much soon made me upchuck it
    i tried by the pail
    that too made me fail
    so these days i stick to the glass

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