B1-66er wins the Beer Haiku Contest

In a highly scientific random drawing, I added the names of all the poets that contributed beer haiku since June 1, 2006 to a hat and allowed my two-year-old son to pull one out.

The winner is B1-66er the author and low-res photographer over at b1-66er’s archipelago. He also happens to be one of the masterminds behind Choka On It and the reigning English haiku slugfest champion of the world. (That was a blast!)

Congratulations B1-66er! You have won a free beer from the Captain or a mutually agreed upon substitute. I will be contacting you by email to make arrangements.

My deepest thanks and admiration to everyone that contributed Haiku to the contest. If I haven’t published yours already, I will be doing so over the next week or two. Thank you so much for making this contest successful.

PS: Did people like this contest? Do you want to see more contests? I came up with the idea at the last minute but I could have more contests and drawings if you are interested. Perhaps the next one could be a popularity contest and I could set up some kind of polling so that you, the readers, can vote. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. gotta love winning
    especially when it’s me
    get that kid a beer

  2. More beer haiku contests are a wonderful idea:)


  1. […] References: For the first anniversary of Beer Haiku Daily we had a haiku contest. B1-66er won. He had the choice of a beer, a Beer Haiku Daily T-shirt, or a $10 contribution to his favorite charity. He selflessly chose the donation to his his favorite charity. “Neat”, I thought. Why don’t I double the donation to $20. (I know, I know, that could have paid for a whole case of beer. I guess I am just a big softy.) […]

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