Tip #1 for writing beer haiku

Pick a theme. Here are some examples:

  • Favorite brand or style
  • Favorite place to drink
  • Celebration of beer in general
  • When do you drink it?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • What else is going on when you drink beer? Ballgame, bowling, cards, dancing etc…
  • The way it looks? Tastes? Smells?
  • Why do you drink it in general?
  • Why are you drinking it today?
  • What do you do before, during, after drinking beer?
  • Did someone do you wrong? Or do you right?
  • Combination of several of the above
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  1. I love your idea for a blog! So fun…I’ll definitely come back and see your new poetry.

  2. I don’t drink much beer
    But I miss it’s cold bubbles
    on a hot June day.

  3. Brilliant. Absolutely.

  4. Our liquor store has
    Leinenkugel Berryweiss
    Summer can begin

    Great blog here! But OH CRAP! I got distracted writing beer poetry and forgot that I was here to vote for you on your Battle of the Blogs! Hope you won without it.

  5. Ha! Now surfing through Blog Explosion has led me in here, and I did, indeed, have time to register my vote, and you did, indeed, win. Congratulations!


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